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As a successful business owner, you have a great problem—more money than you know what to do with. You know you should be doing something with the surplus, but what? The more opinions you take in, the less certain you feel.

You’re certain about one thing, though: You’ve worked way too hard to leave Uncle Sam a tip.

Ryan Guth

Hey, I’m Ryan.

I remember standing where you are, in the shadow of my first entrepreneurial success. I was so overwhelmed with options that I did nothing at all. Here’s what I realized pretty quickly, though: The financial planning industry generally caters to W-2 employees with 401(k)s who plan to retire the day they turn 65.

As entrepreneurs, we’re among the 6.7%* of US adults who own a business. And even more rare—we’re profitable. So that run-of-the-mill advice you’ve been taking in? It doesn’t feel right for a reason. That’s why, now, I lead Goldfin Group, a wealth management firm for entrepreneurs.

*Source: statista.com (2024)


We help you define what’s most important to you, then tailor a solution to help you enjoy more of it.

It’s worth a conversation.

Grab a time to chat.
To explore our services in a no-pressure setting, click “Let’s Talk” and schedule a short intro call with me, Ryan.

Go a little deeper.
If you want to continue our initial conversation, we’ll schedule time for you to share more about your circumstances and goals.

Get a path forward.
By the third time we talk, we’ll present a path forward that thoughtfully considers the unique opportunities you have as an entrepreneur.

At no point in these three calls will you commit to our service. In fact, even as our client, there are no contract periods. Your money is your money, so if we’ve not lived up to your expectations, we’ll make it right.

It can be hard to know who to trust. To give you a sense of how we serve, we promise:


For W-2 employees, there are only a few options to prepare for the future. As an entrepreneur, you can save, shuffle, and synchronize in all sorts of configurations; we’ll help you determine which feels right to you.


You won’t spot hidden commissions or backdoor deals; our sole motivation is to help you do what’s best for you. In fact, there are times we’ll tell you not to invest because we don’t buy into trends. We play a long game.


We sync up as often as we need to for anything related to finances. Expect consistently thoughtful feedback based on our history with you, our experience in the industry, and our real-time insight of the market.

DOWNLOAD: Caring for Aging Parents.

You might still be wondering…

If it has to do with finances, we have an educated stance. We help our clients in these areas and beyond:

Entrepreneurial decisions

  • Guided self-assessment
  • Leadership retreats (Goldfin Summit)
  • Strategic planning and vision setting

Holistic financial health

  • Cash flow planning
  • Goals-based planning
  • Insurance adequacy
  • Estate planning strategies
  • Tax planning strategies
  • Debt management and optimization
  • Liquidity planning

Personal growth & development

  • Work-life balance strategies
  • Encouraging life in accordance with personal values and principles

Business health & growth

  • Identifying potential weak links in the business

We help our clients design and execute financial strategies that are as unique as they are. Here’s a long list of things we consider, and frankly, these are just the beginning.


  • Customized portfolio creation based on individual risk tolerance, financial goals, and time horizon, including regular rebalancing to attempt to ensure alignment with target allocations and behavioral investment management during periods of market volatility.
  • Alternative investments, including the assessment of non-traditional investment options (such as real estate and commodities) and also an ongoing evaluation of opportunities for diversification beyond standard securities.
  • Tax-efficient investing, including implementing tax-harvesting strategies to potentially minimize tax liabilities, guidance on tax-advantaged investment vehicles and accounts, and strategies to manage taxable events during asset buying or selling.
  • Income planning, including the assessment of current long-term assets and future needs, strategy development for attempted asset growth and protection, recommendations on account types based on individual situations, and Social Security planning (when you get there).
  • Performance monitoring & reporting, including periodic performance reviews and detailed reporting, clear communication on portfolio changes, reasons behind decisions and expected outcomes, and transparency on fees, costs, and any potential conflicts of interest.
  • Risk management, including evaluation of portfolio risks in line with global and local economic conditions and continuous monitoring for potential systematic or unsystematic risks that might impact the portfolio.
  • Managing assets of aging parents, including assistance in reviewing and consolidating financial assets, strategic advice to attempt to ensure their long-term care needs are met and assets are used judiciously, help navigating complex financial situations (such as selling real estate or managing trusts), and ensuring a smooth transition of wealth while minimizing potential family conflicts.

Financial planning

  • Tax saving strategies
  • Estate planning strategies
  • Personalized planning for unique goals

Proactive planning sessions (PPS) 2x/year

  • Short, semi-annual, agenda-driven reviews
  • Tax-saving opportunities and legislative updates
  • Goal alignment and reassessment

Customized workshops & training

  • Tailored sessions based on client needs, ranging from business development to personal financial management

We offer generous access to:

Your wealth manager (Ryan)

  • as needed by phone or video
  • in person usually 1x/year


  • A community of like-minded entrepreneurs
  • Referral opportunities within the entrepreneurial ecosystem

Relevant professionals

  • Introductions to vetted M&A attorneys, investment bankers, business coaches, CPAs, estate attorneys, etc.
  • Goldfin Group’s cultivated list of trusted experts on non-business/financial industries

Goldfin summits & workshops

  • Exclusive invitations to events focusing on entrepreneurs’ unique challenges and opportunities
  • Opportunities to network, learn, and grow in a curated environment

We’ve partnered with Charles Schwab to be the custodian for our client accounts. They are the company that holds on to your assets. We chose Charles Schwab, in part because they are one of the nation’s largest publicly traded investment services firm. They are even more prominent with the completion of their acquisition of TD Ameritrade in late 2023.

For deposits, checks are made payable to Charles Schwab and deposited directly with Charles Schwab via mail or check scanning. Goldfin Group does not maintain custody of client assets.

Please read this from their “How Schwab Protects Your Assets” report, which can be found here.

For more information about account protection, visit: https://www.schwab.com/legal/account-protection

Have another question? Please reach out.

Your financial approach shouldn’t look like anyone else’s.

At Goldfin Group, we’ll help you design and execute a financial strategy that connects all your entrepreneurial dots so you can go after the life you want.